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This is a YA book review blog. Here, I will be posting my “reviews” for books and other fun updates about reading! It’s not a professional reviewing blog by any standards, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this is definitely not it… nevertheless, I hope you stick around and enjoy ❤

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  • I’m officially set with blog design (I HOPE)! I know there’s been some major changes, like maybe how I changed my theme like 100,000 times idk. Thanks for sticking with me and the chaos though! ❤

Blog: “The Lunar Chronicles” Character Playlist

Credit to @izcaptain for making this with me since like forever!

Marissa Meyer fans assemble! If you’re a fan of The Lunar Chronicles, which you should be, then you’ll know that the series is amazing and the characters are our precious children.

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(I’m not sure what’s up w this gif but I’m all for it)

When I first heard Beth Crowley’s Midnight, a song written for Cinder, I was so excited. I listened to it 24/7 and couldn’t stop making ridiculous connections, like how the line “But under these pieces and parts // Is a beautiful heart and it loves you” makes so much sense cause she’s a cyborg omg!!!

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Blog/Reviews: My Most Negative (& Sarcastic) Reviews and Shameful Moments 🌷

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I’m generally a positive reader. I don’t like to hate books, so I try to find any excuse to appreciate them.

But there are like two or three books I CANNOT STAND that have been placed in my dishonor-on-your-cow shelf because I hate them so much. Some just suffer from second-book-syndrome, but still, just no. So here we go (thankfully it’s a short list!).

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Blog: Thanks & Updates 🌷

Thank you, friends ❤

Hiya! This is just a quick post to say THANK YOU so much to the 15 followers I already have. I started this blog about a week ago now, and all of your views, likes and comments have meant the world to me!

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Also . . .

I am still in the process of setting everything up and you might see some changes here and there — i.e. theme changing and A LOT of posts at a time. I’m working on setting up a logo and button for the site as well! Yay! So thanks for your patience.

⇢ I recently put up my May wrap-up! Check it out here: May 2018

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